Yerba Porosa : (Unknown Porophyllum)

Photo courtesy of 7thWonderHolistics

The porophyllum species continues to surprise. I have recently come across an organic seed seller in Florida who is selling a plant they call Yerba porosa. Yerba porosa is a common name that frequently refers to P.ruderale and translates to “porous herb” (grass) in reference to the oil filled glands (or pores) that give this herb its distinctive flavour profile.

The variety of this plant is quite unusual as its leaf shape, somewhat reminiscent of a Balinese kris (keris), is not one that I have encountered in my years of study of this plant. The plant has a lanced shaped leaf with scalloped margins which is much longer than the commonly known varieties.

The keris. A traditional dagger from Indonesia said to be imbued with supernatural power.

This plant is said to have the “same delicious flavour as the globe leafed variety”

One grower identifies this variety as P.linaria.
Photo by John Kohler via Facebook.

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