Skunkweed and the Skunk

Cover Image via Sensi Seeds (this Post does not cover cannabis at all. In English, ‘skunk’ has become slang for any potent, high-THC strain of cannabis. The media often uses ‘skunk’ to define ‘street weed’, usually in a derogatory fashion. In fact, Skunk #1 is the official name of one of the oldest and most popular strains of cannabis, and there is a ‘Skunk family’ … Continue reading Skunkweed and the Skunk

Prehispanic Veganismo – The Tlaltequeada

A tlaltequeada is a kind of vegetable based rissole (1) typically made with vegetables, fruits, flowers and seeds. It is the perfect example of a quilitl (quelite) based dish and it could be argued that it is representative of a vegetable based cuisine as it would have been practised by prehispanic Mesoamericans. rissoles are what an Australian might call meat patties that include some grated … Continue reading Prehispanic Veganismo – The Tlaltequeada

Yepaquilitl : Another Skunk Weed

Acacia acatlensis Cover photo : Young shoots of yepaquilitl : courtesy of Explora Jolalpan via Facebook. Syn. Senegalia acatlensis ; Acacia pueblensis ; Mariosousa acatlensis Also called borreguitos/ borrequitos, (also árbol del borrego), yepaquilitl (skunk Quelites) or yepaquihle, huizache, guayalote, guayote (Michoacan), quebrajache, guajillo (Puebla), chindata, chondata, chivos, tiñu, tlahuitole Another plant known by the Nahuatl terminology yepaquilitl is A.acatlensis. It is known by the … Continue reading Yepaquilitl : Another Skunk Weed