Quelites in Old Texts

In this case the text in question is Nuevo Cocinero Mejicano (1) En Forma De Diccionario (1888) Mejico or Mexico? and why? See the link to David Bowles etymological journey in the website references. See also my earlier Post : Origins of the words Aztec and Mexico I stumbled across this text purely by luck. In response to a readers comments regarding tequesquite (1) being … Continue reading Quelites in Old Texts

Alache : Anoda cristata

from nahuatl alaztic (or alactic) meaning slippery. This no doubt refers to the mucilaginous baba (1) common to the Mallow (2) family. slime Malvaceae. Okra is a plant in this family that is commonly known for its “slime” producing capacity. Synonyms. Anoda hastata Cav., Sida cristata L., Anoda triloba Cav., Anoda dilleniana Cav. Also calledCrested anoda, spurred anoda, malva, malvilla, malvarín, bimalva, malva de castilla, … Continue reading Alache : Anoda cristata

Quelite : Dandelion

Featured Image by Saad Chaudhry Taraxacum officinale Also called : Diente de león , amargón (bitter), plumerillo, panadero, moraja (Sinaloa), cerraja (Jalisco), globillo, chipule, achicoria, lechuguilla, nocuana-gueeta (Zapotec), botón de oro (gold button) Dandelions are an ubiquitous weed that can be found in all environments from the countryside to the inner city. They are considered native to Eurasia but have migrated to all countries on … Continue reading Quelite : Dandelion

Quelite : Sowthistle : Sonchus oleraceus

also called : smooth sowthistle, milk thistle (1), rauriki, pūhā, pūwhā, pororua, lechuguilla, cola de zorra (foxtail), colewort, hares lettuce, hares thistle, rabbit thistle, kŭcài (苦菜)(bitter vegetable) The plant usually known as milk thistle is a completely different plant, Silybum marianum, which is also known as Saint Mary’s Thistle and is in itself a valuable herbal medicine. Another plant introduced into Mexico that can be … Continue reading Quelite : Sowthistle : Sonchus oleraceus