Porophyllum nummularium

SynonymsEupatorium punctatum Mill., Gardn. Diet. ed. 8, no. 1 1. 1768.Kleinia jorullensis HBK, Nov. Gen. & Sp. 4:156. 1820.Porophyllum nummularium DC, Prodr. 5:649. 1836.Porophyllum jorullcnse Cass., Diet. Sci. Nat. 43:57. 1826.Porophyllum ervendbergii Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. 19:35. 1883.Porophyllum palmeri Rose, Contr. U.S. Nat. Herb. 1 :338. 1895.Porophyllum nelsonii Robins. & Greenm., Proc. Amer. Acad. 32:32. 1896.Porophyllum millspaughii Robins, in Millsp., Field Columb. Mus. Publ. Bot. … Continue reading Porophyllum nummularium

Pipitzcaquilitl : Porophyllum obtusifolium?

Porophyllum obtusifolium (?) Pipicha/Pipitza/Chepiche (Porophyllum tagetoides) (syn P.linaria) is a narrow leaved variety of poreleaf which is popular in Oaxaca (see Post Chepiche/Pipicha Porophyllum tagetoides ). Pipitzca may or may not be this herb. There are several pore leafs that have been identified as pipitzca. P.tagetoides (1) and P.punctatum (2) have been called pipitzca (Ortíz-Sánchez etal 2015) and even the naming of the herb P.obtusifolium … Continue reading Pipitzcaquilitl : Porophyllum obtusifolium?

Tlatlaolton. Which Porophyllum Are You?

Cover Image from the Voynich Manuscript Also called : Chepiche, escobilla, pipicha, pipizca Are you even a Porophyllum? It appears so. But let’s investigate. Tlatlaolton has been classified as Porophyllum coloratum (1) (Kunth) DC (2). Esparza Villarreal (2019) : Synonyms : Kleinia colorata Kunth; Porophyllum seemannii Sch. Bip.: Porophyllum simplex M.E. Jones P.gracile, P.tagetoides, P.seemanii and P.viridiflorum have all been put forward as contenders in … Continue reading Tlatlaolton. Which Porophyllum Are You?

Papalo and Pipicha. Skunk Weed?

Hierba de Zorrillo Amongst the names papalo has accrued lies the not altogether unexpected moniker “skunk weed”, although I have never found the word “zorrillo” used and for some reason online translators always come back with “hierba mofeta”; the word used is mampuritu (1) and mampurite (2) (Morton 1968). My grasp of Spanish is rudimentary at best and there is no doubt I am missing … Continue reading Papalo and Pipicha. Skunk Weed?

The Botany of Papaloquelite

I have previously avoided going too much into the scholarly side of anything whilst creating this Blog. It is my intent to create information that can be accessible to anyone. There are some specifics that cannot be avoided when discussing the medicinal qualities of plants but they are necessary and I have included information that may be beyond some but will be relevant to those … Continue reading The Botany of Papaloquelite

Yerba Porosa : (Unknown Porophyllum)

The porophyllum species continues to surprise. I have recently come across an organic seed seller in Florida who is selling a plant they call Yerba porosa. Yerba porosa is a common name that frequently refers to P.ruderale and translates to “porous herb” (grass) in reference to the oil filled glands (or pores) that give this herb its distinctive flavour profile. The variety of this plant … Continue reading Yerba Porosa : (Unknown Porophyllum)

Porophyllum obscurum

(Syn: P.eremophilum, P.oblanceolatum, Kleinia linifolia) also called Catinga-de-urubu, curupaimi, kilkina, quirquina, matapulgas (literal translation “killing insects”), yerba de la gama, ruda blanca, cominillo, yerba del venado, yerba del ciervo. Another of the less well known species of porophyllum. Found south of Brazil into Paraguay and the north east of Argentina there is very little information to be found on this particular variety of pore leaf. … Continue reading Porophyllum obscurum

Unknown Porophyllums

In all corners of Mexico there are varieties of porophyllum unknown to the scientific community. They remain unclassified and without the Latin nomenclature that science is so fond of. There are many varieties of pore leaf yet to be catalogued. One such variety would be Copanquelite. According to Diana Kennedy, this as yet unidentified porophyllum (My Mexico, 1998) is a delicate plant with smaller leaves … Continue reading Unknown Porophyllums

Porophyllum scoparium

Also called : shrubby poreleaf, hierba del venado, jarilla, romerillo, pomerillo, Transpecos poreleaf. P.scoparium is a narrow leaved variety of pore leaf. In Mexico P.scoparium is used as a remedy for rheumatism, fever and intestinal problems. This herb is currently being used by the Grupo Medico Dr. Zurita SA de CV in Mexico City. Dr’s Manuel A Zurita Lopez and Maria Esther Zurita Jiminez on their … Continue reading Porophyllum scoparium

Papaloquelite : What’s in a name?

Porophyllums were first described by Linnaeus in 1753. The University of Arizona has specimens in their Herbarium collected from the Sonora and Chihuahua regions in the 1800’s. The Latin translations of some of the names in the poreleaf family are as follows; porophyllum translates to “pore – leaf”, this is due to the conspicuous presence of large oil glands on the leaf; ruderale refers to the plant “growing … Continue reading Papaloquelite : What’s in a name?