Sende : Sendecho

Octli (or pulque) from the maguey and tepache from pineapple are well known; but the knowledge of one drink, Sende (or sendech√≥/sende choo) is in danger of being lost. Only a few still know the traditional production methods of this drink. It is a labour intensive product and in this day and age of speed and convenience fewer still are prepared to learn the ancient methods of production. When made … Continue reading Sende : Sendecho

Mayahuel and the Cenzton Totochtin.

The agave, aguamiel and pulque. Sahagun expounds upon this (Sahagun, book IV, chapter V. Ed Porrua, I, pp 324. 325). I have included this information at the bottom of this Post. Plants played a huge role in Aztec culture. Gardens were kept not only for food and medicinal purposes but for pleasure as well. The conquistadors were amazed by the pleasure gardens of Moctezuma (and Tenochtitlan in … Continue reading Mayahuel and the Cenzton Totochtin.