Mole de Olla

Let’s deconstruct a recipe. ¡A darle que es mole de olla! A popular saying of Mexican origin that variously translates to….. Mole de olla (1) is a traditional Mexican soup. It is made of xoconostle, squash, zucchini, green beans, corn, potato (or other vegetables), chambarete and aguja (cuts of meat), submerged into a broth of chile guajillo and chile pasilla seasoned with garlic, onion, and … Continue reading Mole de Olla

Product Review : Mole de Xico

City Farm is a not-for-profit community organisation that has been running an Urban Farm for over 25 years located only a few minutes from the centre of Perth. This unique urban sanctuary is a working urban farm that focuses on recycling, sustainability and community support. One service they offer is a small commercial kitchen and (larger) dining area.  In this space has popped up an … Continue reading Product Review : Mole de Xico


The drink horchata is another example of Moorish influences in the cuisines of México. The drink as it it was historically known dates back to ancient Rome where it was a medicinal drink made from barley. Etymologically this is where the word horchata was born; from the roman “hordeum” (barley) and “hordeata” (drink made from/with barley). As the drink travelled the world, borne aloft by … Continue reading Horchata

Pre-made Mole. Blessing or Curse? Homage or Travesty?

The author is not receiving (nor has sought) any financial benefit or support from any of the products or companies mentioned in this Post. This was my first exposure to mole in Australia. I found it in (of all places) a Filipino grocery store. Historically speaking this is not so unusual I guess as it was the Manila galleons that opened up trade between Asia … Continue reading Pre-made Mole. Blessing or Curse? Homage or Travesty?