Máscara Maya? Mayan Mask?

This Post is just a bit of a self indulgence. I have a small collection of masks and am particularly interested in prehispanic designs. I came across this mask on a local Facebook Marketplace posting. It appears to be quite touristic in nature and I wanted to share the find with a Mexican folk art group in an attempt to find more detail on it. … Continue reading Máscara Maya? Mayan Mask?


Cnidoscolus chayamansa (Syn C.aconitifolius) Also called : Tree spinach Chaya or Chayamansa is originally from southern Mexico and is popular in Yucatecan Maya cuisine. Chaya grows in size from a large shrub to a small tree. It has edible leaves that are considered more nutritious than spinach that are rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and are an important source of protein. There are many … Continue reading Chaya