Mascara Mexicana? Mexican Mask?

I think I have answered my own question but bear with me. It’s a process. I like to collect Mexican folk art and amongst my collection I have several wooden masks. I have come upon a bit of a mystery (possibly of mistaken identity) regarding a mask in my collection. I purchased this mask (above) second hand from a woman who reckons she (probably) purchased … Continue reading Mascara Mexicana? Mexican Mask?

Quelite : Sowthistle : Sonchus oleraceus

also called : smooth sowthistle, milk thistle (1), rauriki, pūhā, pūwhā, pororua, lechuguilla, cola de zorra (foxtail), colewort, hares lettuce, hares thistle, rabbit thistle, kŭcài (苦菜)(bitter vegetable) The plant usually known as milk thistle is a completely different plant, Silybum marianum, which is also known as Saint Mary’s Thistle and is in itself a valuable herbal medicine. Another plant introduced into Mexico that can be … Continue reading Quelite : Sowthistle : Sonchus oleraceus