Harvesting Jamaica.

First of all. It’s not pronounced like this… Its closer to huh – my – ca (the last bit sounds like cup without the p). We are talking about a species of hibiscus whose calyxes are used culinarily and medicinally. The images below are from my garden. The plant/flower is also regularly misidentified (which is kind of a gripe of mine) See Flor de Jamaica … Continue reading Harvesting Jamaica.

Flor de Jamaica : A Confusion of Hibisci*

*Hibiscuses? (both are valid it seems) A vital component of medicinal herbalism is knowing EXACTLY what plant you are using. This is extremely important if you are taking the plant internally. Knowing a plant with 100% certainty is the equivalent of knowing the difference between milk and orange juice when you go to the fridge. If you don’t know the plant with this level of … Continue reading Flor de Jamaica : A Confusion of Hibisci*