Curanderismo and its practices are used to treat an illness of the gastrointestinal tract called empacho. It is considered to be a blockage or an infection in the intestines that can result from either physical or emotional/mental causes. Empacho can be indicated by any number of gastrointestinal symptoms such as stomach cramping, intestinal gas, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea and/or constipation. This illness can impact … Continue reading Empacho

What is Curanderismo?

I am asked this question every time I mention the word. Curanderismo is often described (somewhat disparagingly I feel) as “Mexican folk medicine”. I feel that the term folk medicine is used for the lack of a better term and totally undervalues this system of healing, for this is what it is. The word curandero (curandera if the practitioner is female) is derived from “curar” … Continue reading What is Curanderismo?