Papaloquelite : Chaoacocopin

Chaoacocopin has been previously noted as one of the common names of Papaloquelite (Porophyllum macrocephalum) (1). I have come across this plant in an old text and would like to delve a little more deeply into this particular pore leaf (P.macrocephalum is most definitely my favourite pore leaf so far. I am however waiting to get the chance to grow some of the narrow leaved … Continue reading Papaloquelite : Chaoacocopin

Culantro : A Cilantro Mimic

Eryngium foetidum Also called : Eryngo, sawtooth Coriander, Mexican coriander, wild coriander, cilantro¬†de hoja, cilantro de monte, ancha (broadleaf cilantro), long coriander,¬† recao, chandon beni, perennial coriander, fitweed, Mexico: cilantron, cilantrillo, cilantro extranjero, Perejil de Tabasco (Mexico), Caribbean: Culantro de Monte, China: Jia Yuan Qian, Germany: Langer Koriander, Mexicanischer Koriander, Jamaica: Spiritweed, Laos: Hom Tay Malaysia: Daun Ketumbar Jawa, Ketumbar Java, Thailand: Pak Chi Farang, … Continue reading Culantro : A Cilantro Mimic