Cilantro Substitute : Kesum

My search for cilantro substitutes, which gave me my first introduction to papalo, also introduced me to another herb called Rau ram (1) and, although this herb was found in Teubners book (2) as a potential substitute for cilantro, its flavour was simply too different and I have never really used it (either in cooking or medicinally). I have grown it though. I do have … Continue reading Cilantro Substitute : Kesum

Bifora. Another Cilantro Substitute?

Bifora testiculata syn Coriandrum radians (M.Bieb.) Also called : cilantro, cilantro real, carrot weed, bird’s eye, European bishop, Wild Bishop, Dubbelkoriander, Dobbeltkoriander, Getreideverpester (cereal polluter), Bumnieher, Kosbor Salvagg, חריריים מצויים, كزبرة In 1905 Joseph Rose whilst working for the US Herbarium (1) noted in the describing of Porophyllum macrocephalum (2) that it had the “odor of bifora”. This piqued my interest as it was my … Continue reading Bifora. Another Cilantro Substitute?

Culantro : A Cilantro Mimic

Eryngium foetidum Also called : Eryngo, sawtooth Coriander, Mexican coriander, wild coriander, cilantro de hoja, cilantro de monte, ancha (broadleaf cilantro), long coriander,  recao, chandon beni, perennial coriander, fitweed, Mexico: cilantron, cilantrillo, cilantro extranjero, Perejil de Tabasco (Mexico), Caribbean: Culantro de Monte, China: Jia Yuan Qian, Germany: Langer Koriander, Mexicanischer Koriander, Jamaica: Spiritweed, Laos: Hom Tay Malaysia: Daun Ketumbar Jawa, Ketumbar Java, Thailand: Pak Chi Farang, … Continue reading Culantro : A Cilantro Mimic