Medical/Botanical Term : Allelopathy

The language of botany and medicine can be quite poetic. The words are derived from historical languages and may (usually) contain Latin or Greek terms (1) and each word if etymologically (2) broken down is a story in itself. As a somewhat appropriate example I present an example as given by Babbel Magazine (3). “The word avocado comes from Spanish aguacate (sometimes ahuacate), which in … Continue reading Medical/Botanical Term : Allelopathy

Porophyllum leiocarpum

Syn. : Anthemis valentina, Porophyllum macrocephalum DC. var. leiocarpum Urb. Also called : yerba de peo Porophyllum macrocephalum and Bifora testiculata have also been called yerba de peo. P.leiocarpum is native to the region of Puerto Rico and can also be found in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Brazil. This plant is considered an “invasive” in Venezuela. (Rodrigo etal 2007) In the Monograph of the … Continue reading Porophyllum leiocarpum