Aceitilla : Bidens pilosa

Genus epithet ‘Bidens’ (BY-dens) means ‘twice’ (bi) and ‘toothed’ (dens), a reference to the two bristles on the tip of the achene-seed (1) of some members of this genus. Species epithet ‘pilosa’ means ‘hairy’, describing the velvety foliage. Synonyms: Bidens abadiae DC; Bidens abadiae var. Sherff pilosoides ; Bidens arenaria Gand.; Bidens gully ME Jones; Bidens bimucronatus Turcz.; Bidens californica DC.; Bidens caracasana DC.; Bidens … Continue reading Aceitilla : Bidens pilosa

Estrella del Mar (Ulam Raja) : Cosmos caudatus

Cosmos caudatus Synonyms Common Names Sometimes called “Spanish needles” although this name is typically used for the (closely related) herb Bidens pilosa. Some Common Names in Asian countries Indonesia: kenikir (Java), randa midang (West Java). Philippines: cosmos (Tagalog), turay-turay (Bisaya), onwad (Ifugao). Thailand: daoruang-phama (Bangkok), khamhae (northern). Malaysia: ulam raja, hulam raja, pelampong. In Malay culture, the word “ulam” refers to certain plants found locally … Continue reading Estrella del Mar (Ulam Raja) : Cosmos caudatus

Porophyllum fruticulosum

syn Porophyllum scoparium also called Hierba del venado, jarilla, romerillo (1) (Coahuila) Romerillo is also the common name for Bidens pilosa (which is also called black-jack, beggarticks, hairy beggarticks, cobbler’s pegs, devil’s needles, Spanish needle, shepherds needles, farmers friend, Devils Pitchfork, sticky beaks, toothache plant) Porophyllum X fruticulosum Rydb. was first proposed in 1916 as a species, typified by a specimen collected by Palmer near … Continue reading Porophyllum fruticulosum