The Maguey as building material.

The agave is a multi-use plant. Aside from its edible and medicinal uses (and lets not forget tequila or mezcal) it has other utilitarian purposes. The skin of the penca can be used as a type of baking paper, string and rope can be made from these fibrous “leaves” and much of the plant can be used as building material. In some species the thorn … Continue reading The Maguey as building material.

Pulque Curado : Tecolio

It is said that pulque is “sólo le falta un grado para ser carne” (one grade shy of being meat) and that the only thing pulque lacks for being meat are bones. Well this drink, tecolio, removes that difference. This drink takes its name from red maguey worms (1), larvae of the moth Comadia redtenbacheri (2) which are added to pulque to create a uniquely … Continue reading Pulque Curado : Tecolio

Agave straws : An Alternative to Plastic

In December 2019 Jose Cuervo, producers of the archetypal Mexican drink Tequila (1) since the late 1700’s, launched the Agave Project. This initiative is part of a general worldwide push seeking renewable and environmentally friendly solutions to issues of human impact on the Earth. The Agave Project is one of many community based projects initiated by Jose Cuervo over the last 21 years. They are … Continue reading Agave straws : An Alternative to Plastic

Medicinal use of Miel de Agave (agave honey)

A type of “honey” can be made from aguamiel. Aguamiel is heated in a pot until most of the moisture has evaporated and the liquid has thickened to the texture of honey and becomes dark amber in colour. For every 9 litres of aguamiel you will produce around only 1 litre of agave honey. According to CINVESTAV (The Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the … Continue reading Medicinal use of Miel de Agave (agave honey)

Agave Syrup. A Healthy Alternative to Sugar?

Agave syrup has been touted as an organic, raw food, healthy alternative to sugar but what exactly is it? The agave species is native to México and the southwestern United States of America. They are neither a cactus nor a relative of the aloe plant which they resemble. There are over 200 varieties of this plant. The agave was known as “metl” in the lingua franca … Continue reading Agave Syrup. A Healthy Alternative to Sugar?

Pulque Production

The processing of pulque happens in four stages. Castration Pit scraping and aguamiel extraction Seed/mother preparation Fermentation Castration It can take between 7 and 40 years before an agave is ready to harvest the aguamiel and it can take an expert to know when exactly to castrate the plant, if done too late then the plant will produce no aguamiel, if done too early then aguamiel production will be greatly … Continue reading Pulque Production

Medicinal Uses of the Maguey

The maguey has been used in the treatment of syphilis, to accelerate the healing of wounds, as a cure for gonorrhoea, is a formidable antiseptic of the stomach and intestines and has laxative properties. According to the Antiguo Recetario Medicinal Azteca, to treat syphilis; the fluid extract of the maguey root is used, from which 10 drops are taken in the morning dissolved in a little water and 10 … Continue reading Medicinal Uses of the Maguey