Poetic Language of the Maguey.

There are many rituals and traditions that surround the imbibing of the life blood of the agave (1) and there is a deep poetry in the language used to describe its consumption. Aguamiel, pulque, mezcal, tequila, bacanora, raicilla etc. etc. In some rituals of agricultural abundance pulque was poured onto the ground whilst planting the corn to increase the fertility of the earth and encourage … Continue reading Poetic Language of the Maguey.

Edible Insects : Hormiga de miel : Honeypot ants

Honey ants, sometimes called honeypot ants, are found in a few arid areas of the world, including Mexico and Australia. “Honeypot ant” is a common name for the many species of ant with workers that store honey in their abdomen. Honey pot ants are not a separate ant species, but rather a specialised role taken by designated worker ants of various different species. These individuals, … Continue reading Edible Insects : Hormiga de miel : Honeypot ants

Xochipilli : Beyond Gender

This is the Xicalcoliuhqui symbol that can be found all throughout Mesoamerica on buildings, artwork, clothing, and even war shields. It is the oldest and most widespread symbol of duality that exists in Mesoamerican cultures. Xicalcoliuhqui, also referred to as a “step fret” or “stepped fret” design, is a common motif in Mesoamerican art. It is composed of three or more steps connected to a … Continue reading Xochipilli : Beyond Gender

Destilado de Pulque

Typically vinos de mezcal (1) are made by cooking the heart of the agave (2) either by steaming in an autoclave or by baking in ovens (3) which is then crushed to obtain a sweet juice. This juice is then fermented and then distilled to produce the alcoholic beverages known as mezcal and tequila. Before the notion of Mezcal or Tequila as categories of spirits, … Continue reading Destilado de Pulque

Tenochtitlan in Australia?

The Mesoamerican deity Huitzilopochtli was the patron god of the Mexican people during the height of Aztec rule. Where he stands now is a little less clear though. Huitzilopochtli’s legend goes (1) that after he was betrayed by a nephew he killed him and removed his heart. This heart was disposed of on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco and, like many creation … Continue reading Tenochtitlan in Australia?

Festival for El Salvador

In early June, El Salvador was hit by Tropical Storm Amanda and tropical storm Cristobal in quick succession, causing deadly flooding and landslides across the country.Many communities have lost everything and are now living in shelters waiting for aid to arrive so they can survive.This happened when the country was under a long and strict quarantine, due to COVID-19. It deepened their poor socioeconomic situation, … Continue reading Festival for El Salvador

Pulque Curado : Tecolio

It is said that pulque is “sólo le falta un grado para ser carne” (one grade shy of being meat) and that the only thing pulque lacks for being meat are bones. Well this drink, tecolio, removes that difference. This drink takes its name from red maguey worms (1), larvae of the moth Comadia redtenbacheri (2) which are added to pulque to create a uniquely … Continue reading Pulque Curado : Tecolio

COVID 2020 : The Coronavirus Chronicles : Mexico and the Coronavirus.

*DISCLAIMER (There is no connection between Corona beer and the novel influenza virus COVID-19) I sit in strange times. It is the 15th of March 2020 and the World seems beset by fear (or at least the anticipation of it). It is several weeks into the outbreak of a previously unseen influenza virus in or near to the Wuhan province in China. Information given seems … Continue reading COVID 2020 : The Coronavirus Chronicles : Mexico and the Coronavirus.

Agave straws : An Alternative to Plastic

In December 2019 Jose Cuervo, producers of the archetypal Mexican drink Tequila (1) since the late 1700’s, launched the Agave Project. This initiative is part of a general worldwide push seeking renewable and environmentally friendly solutions to issues of human impact on the Earth. The Agave Project is one of many community based projects initiated by Jose Cuervo over the last 21 years. They are … Continue reading Agave straws : An Alternative to Plastic