Medicinal use of Miel de Agave (agave honey)

A type of “honey” can be made from aguamiel. Aguamiel is heated in a pot until most of the moisture has evaporated and the liquid has thickened to the texture of honey and becomes dark amber in colour. For every 9 litres of aguamiel you will produce around only 1 litre of agave honey. According to CINVESTAV (The Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the … Continue reading Medicinal use of Miel de Agave (agave honey)


Sotol is a distilled spirit similar in vein to mezcals and tequila that has been sourced from the dasylirion plant. Although previously classed as an agavaceae the dasylirion is a small genus of 18 semi-succulent species in the Nolinoideae (a subfamily of the Asparagaceae) family. The dasylirion is also known commonly as the Desert Spoon. This plant is common to northern Mexico, New Mexico and … Continue reading Sotol.

Tequila and Mezcal : A Primer : How to read a tequila or mezcal label.

All tequila is mezcal but not all mezcal is tequila. Tequila and mezcal are both spirits created by the distillation of the juice that has been sourced from the heart of an agave. This heart (or piña) is roasted (in the case of mezcal) or steamed (in the case of tequila) (1) then crushed to obtain the juice. This juice is then fermented and distilled … Continue reading Tequila and Mezcal : A Primer : How to read a tequila or mezcal label.


Chenopodium ambrosiodes (Synonyms: Teloxys ambrosioides, Dysphania ambrosioides) Also called : Epazōtl (from Nahuatl, epatl – skunk and tzotl – sweat), epasote, pazote, Hierba Olorosa, wormseed, American wormseed, Jesuits tea, Mexican tea, Herba Sancti Mariae, payqu (paico)(Quechua), Jerusalem Oak (although this name usually refers to Chenopodium botrys) This plant is indigenous to Mexico and South America Its leaves (fresh or dried) and young shoots are used … Continue reading Epazote


Cebadina is carbonated red drink common on the streets of León in the (Free and Sovereign) State of Guanajuato in central Mexico.  It is a refreshing drink in hot weather. It is taken cold and is often used as a digestive beverage due to the inclusion of baking soda and is regularly consumed as a hangover cure. Although the word cebadina is derived from cebada (barley) … Continue reading Cebadina