Lactucarium : The Journey Continues.

My initial foray into the production of lactucarium was hampered by one main issue, the lack of harvestable material. This has changed this season (Spring 2021). I recently moved into a new house. When I did a walk through inspection about 6 weeks ago the lawns were all mowed and the gardens manicured as you can see in the photo below. The date we moved … Continue reading Lactucarium : The Journey Continues.

Recipe : Alegrias de Amaranto : Amaranth Joys.

Amaranth was an important grain in Mesoamerica. Known to the Aztecs as huauhtli they are believed to have dedicated more than 5000 hectares of land to its growth and produced between 15 and 20 tons of grain per year (1). This is just the Aztecs. Amaranth was in high demand as a tribute and annually 20 provinces supplied amaranth to Tenochtitlan as part of their … Continue reading Recipe : Alegrias de Amaranto : Amaranth Joys.

31 Alimentos que México dio al mundo : 31 foods that Mexico gave to the World

Mexico (and the Americas in general) has given much to the worlds food larder. We are familiar with many of these foods even though we might not know where exactly the came from (1). We can thank the Americas for staple foods such as corn, potatoes, tomatoes, beans (2), squashes, chiles, avocados, the turkey, vanilla and cacao (3) as well as the highly nutritious seeds … Continue reading 31 Alimentos que México dio al mundo : 31 foods that Mexico gave to the World

Porophyllums : Medicinal Utility : A Recap

The infusions of some species of Porophyllum are used in traditional medicine because of activity against cramps and venereal diseases, as well as for their antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and insecticide properties. The terpenoid compounds of the Porophyllum genus have been of great interest due to the large number of biological activities they present. In vitro and in vivo studies performed with the purified extracts … Continue reading Porophyllums : Medicinal Utility : A Recap

Porophyllum leucospermum

P.leucospermum is considered to be a synonym for Porophyllum gracile (1) which is also known as “slender poreleaf”. See Post Porophyllum gracile : Deer Weed for further information on P.gracile. Other synonyms for P.gracile include Porophyllum caesium Greene Porophyllum cedrense Rose & Standl. ex Rydb. Porophyllum confertum Greene Porophyllum confertum var. ochroleucum (Rydb.) I.M. Johnst. Porophyllum junciforme Greene Porophyllum leucospermum Greene Porophyllum nodosum M. E. … Continue reading Porophyllum leucospermum

Bougainvillea : Bugambilia

B. spectabilis also known as paper flower (English); Buganvilla, Bugambilea, Napoleón , Veranera, Trinitaria , Santa Rita, and Papelillo (en espanol); bougainvillier (French), buganvillea (Italian); bunga kertas (Indonesian); felila (Japanese); bouganvila (Konkani); buginvila (Malay); cherei (Manipuri); bogambilya (tagalog); kagithala puvvu (Telugu); fuang fah (Thai); bong giay (Vietnamese); booganbel (Hindi); baganbilas (Bengali); mao bao jin, ye zi hua (Chinese); This plant is native to eastern South … Continue reading Bougainvillea : Bugambilia

New(ish) Additions to the Poreleaf Family.

Porophyllum spathulatum (Asteraceae: Tageteae), a new species from the southern Brazilian coast. It is known to occur only in Balneário Hermenegildo, Santa Vitória do Palmar, Rio Grande do Sul, southernmost Brazil. This plant is considered “critically endangered” (Carniero etal 2014). As of 2014 the entire population of this plant was known to be composed of only 21 individuals. This species of poreleaf differs from its … Continue reading New(ish) Additions to the Poreleaf Family.

Xochipilli : New Floral Identifications

The Aztec universe has been poorly represented and even less eloquently articulated. This is in some way to be expected as our understanding of this universe has been in many ways limited by the existing written sources that describe this universe. These sources were, by and large, written by the very peoples who destroyed the culture they were inadequately attempting to describe and were also … Continue reading Xochipilli : New Floral Identifications

Cuetlaxochitl : The Poinsettia

Also Known As: Flor de Noche Buena, Euphoribia, Spurge Root, Snake Root, Asthma Plant, Christmas flower, Easter flower, Lobster flower, Mexican flame leaf, Mexican flame tree Euphorbia pulcherrima : Euphorbia – late Middle English: from Latin euphorbea, named after Euphorbus, Greek physician to the reputed discoverer of the plant, Juba II of Mauretania (1st century BC) and pulcherrima – the “most beautiful” or “beautiful treasure” … Continue reading Cuetlaxochitl : The Poinsettia