Porophyllum fruticulosum

syn Porophyllum scoparium

also called Hierba del venado, jarilla, romerillo (1) (Coahuila)

  1. Romerillo is also the common name for Bidens pilosa (which is also called black-jack, beggarticks, hairy beggarticks, cobbler’s pegs, devil’s needles, Spanish needle, shepherds needles, farmers friend, Devils Pitchfork, sticky beaks, toothache plant)

Porophyllum X fruticulosum Rydb. was first proposed in 1916 as a species, typified by a specimen collected by Palmer near Saltillo, Mexico. The species was subsequently treated as a natural hybrid between the relatively localized P. amplexicaule and the more abundant and widespread P. scoparium

This plant is one of the more common roadside weeds throughout much of its range.

Other plants identified as Romerillo are….


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  • Turner, B.L. 2013. Taxonomic status of Porophyllum X fruticulosum Rydb. (Asteraceae: Tageteae). Phytoneuron : ISSN 2153 733X

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