Porophyllum punctatum

Synonym : Porophyllum millspaughii BL Rob.

Also called: Tlapanche, Mata piojo (louse killer), tepepapaloquilitl, xuc’il, Mal de ojo, papalillo, pipisca de venado, pipitzcaquilitl, x- pechuk’il, pipixat, piojillo     


Gerardo notes in his book (Regalado 2014) that P.punctatum has been used as an effective treatment against gonorrhoea (Page 226) and Standley also mentions that an infusion of P. punctatum is employed as a remedy for gonorrhoea in the Yucatan.

In Morelos and the Yucatan this herb is used to treat dysuria (1) and other kidney ailments, a decoction of porophyllum leaf stems and leaves of the Mexican lime tree are drunk on an empty stomach.

  1. Painful or difficult urination

To treat gallbladder issues a weak decoction of leaves, flowers and stems is drunk once in the evening for 7 days. Other medicinal uses listed are for the treatment of chronic ulcers, scabies, ringworm, night sweats (which are not caused by external heat) and “cold sweat” in children.

Arellano Rodriguez (etal 2003) notes that this plant is emollient (1) and has medicinal uses in the treatment of wounds, scabs (cicatrisant) (2) and chronic ulcers (it isn’t mentioned whether these are stomach ulcers or ulceration of the skin – I’m thinking skin). It also has use in the treatment of scabies and as an agent to kill lice.

A paper from the University of Guadalajara notes that an infusion of this plant can be taken as an anti-inflammatory.

Andrade and Heirich (2005) note that an infusion of flowers of this plant can be used as a hypoglycaemic agent.

  1. Emollients are non-cosmetic moisturisers that help skin to feel more comfortable and less itchy. They keep the skin moist and flexible, helping to prevent cracks.
  2. Reduces scar formation

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