The Frapulcurado. A Mexican Take on the Frappé

A frappé (frap-pay) is a chilled drink which has been blended with ice (or frozen) to a slushy consistency. Frappé s were said to have been created by accident at an International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1957. Dimitris Vakondios couldn’t find any hot water to make his instant coffee so he grabbed a mixer being demonstrated for mixing a childrens chocolate drink and, using cold water and instant coffee he created a foamy drink. Frappé s have since graduated to include icecream and whipped cream (my favourite one is created with a unique Australian icecream known as a Gaytime)

The Golden Gaytime icecream.

The frappé has now been adapted by a Mexican to include that most unique of Mexican beverages, pulque. At El Pariam in the centre of Real del Monte in the State of Hidalgo Adriana Ramos Quintero has come up with another novel way of consuming pulque (1). Using pulque curado (2) a unique cafe experience has been created with frappé s de pulque.

  1. Mexicans have produced breads, cakes,yoghurts, icecream and paletas using pulque as an ingredient (See Post on Pulque as a Cooking Ingredient)
  2. sweetened pulque blended with some kind of flavouring (usually fruit), Andriana commonly uses mango, strawberry, pineapple, guava, chocolate, coffee and mocha.

Other uniquely and typically Mexican flavours used are the garambullo, the xoconostle and the fruits of the prickly pear cactus, the tuna.

The garambullo, Myrtillocactus geometrizans.
The xoconostle, Opuntia matudae
The tuna, Opuntia species. These fruits come in a rainbow of colours

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