FOMEX The Friends of Mexico

The Friends of Mexico is a cultural friendship group with chapters around the world. In Perth, Western Australia it was born in 2006 under the initiative of Ambassador H.E. Martha Ortiz de Rosas. It is run by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who get together to celebrate the culture of Mexico and share it with the people of Perth. FOMEX has expatriate members from all over Mexico as well as other South and Central American countries and Perth locals. I first joined FOMEX so that I could practice my Mexican cookery and test it on unsuspecting Mexicanos (insert evil laugh here)

Dia de Independencia 2018

One of the members of FOMEX runs a dance troupe called Itzul.

Itzul showcases the culture of Mexico by performing traditional Mexican dances at many of the events.

La Ofrenda. Dia de los Muertos 2018

One of the most popular activities held by FOMEX is the Day of the Dead. Members of FOMEX set up ofrendas in public spaces and spend time explaining the history and meaning of the celebration to visitors.

These ofrendas were set up at local universities. This one was dedicated to the nature warrior Steve Irwin.

Some FOMEX members made up in the style of La Catarina for Dia de los Muertos.

Even the local xolo breeders came to visit

The Xoloitzcuintli (or Xolo for short), is a hairless breed of dog native to Mexico. The Xolo help guard the souls of the dead and helped guide them through the perils of the underworld of Mictlan. The Xolo is considered a rare reed of dog. The first Xolos were introduced into Australia by dog breeders in Bunbury, Western Australia in 2009.

And the there’s the food,

Pan de muerto (the bread of the dead) for Dia de los muertos
Chicharron and rajas
Papalo, a herb commonly eaten in tacos in el D.F. and Peubla

Papaloquelite is an extremely rare herb in Australia. It was this herb that started me on my journey into Mexico. I now grow several varieties of it in my garden as well as other difficult to find Mexican ingredients (chles poblanos, tomate verde/tomatillos, huazontles)


In 2018 I was honoured to win 3rd place in the Primer Concurso de Gastronomia Mexicana held by the Mexican Embassy in Australia for my dish of Camarones con Pipian ala Parilla (Grilled prawns in green pumpkin seed sauce – my Mexican version of shrimp on the BBQ)


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