The Mighty Nopal Cactus

Two students from the Mexican university UNAM have won a prize for making a bioplastic straw from mango and the baba (for non-Mexicans this is a type of “slime” similar to that produced when cooking okra) of the nopal cactus. (1)


This cactus is amazing. Apart from being a potential foodstuff of the future it is also capable of producing a non-toxic biodegradable plastic potentially capable of replacing single use plastic bags……(1)


……..and can be made into a powder which can filter toxic metals and bacteria from polluted drinking water. (1)(2)

  2. Buttice, Audrey L., Stroot, Joyce M., Lim, Daniel V., Stroot, Peter G. and Alcantar, Norma A. : Removal of Sediment and Bacteria from Water Using Green Chemistry : Environmental Science & Technology 2010 44 (9), 3514-3519 : DOI: 10.1021/es9030744

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